Welcome to the South Asian Academy of International Law (SAAIL), an institution established by young international lawyers, researchers and academicians of South Asia. SAAIL is a premier institution for the promotion of national and international law.

It has the system of honorary members who are the distinguished national and international jurist. The teaching wings of the academy will work for the dissemination of the knowledge of national and international law. The academy will offer a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) as well as certificate Courses in international and national laws and also will organize seminars, lectures. The courses offered by the academy will cover a wide range of topics.

The Academy opens its doors to lawyer’s academicians and young research students who can publish quality publication, each year on a different legal topic. The academy will publish several books and monographs on national and international law. This academy also will arrange the state based programmers that will take place other SAARC country, on the basis of its yearly plan. The students of the academy comprise of lawyers, law students, government officials, business executives and junior diplomats. The Academy will award a prize to the candidate who will obtain the highest aggregate percentage of marks in the Academies PGD examination.

Finally, welcome to the Academy, particularly to those who do not yet know this Beautiful Bangladesh – Land Of Stories, where the art of living has become a system, where people sacrificed their life for mother tongue and where the architecture of the buildings the bear witness of the liberation movement.